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Syndicate Film School's is not your typical college or film school. Syndicate's filmmaking program is a fun, hands-on program taught by film industry professionals to members ages 18 and above. Teaching both the art and the business side of filmmaking. Artistic topics include: screenwriting, directing, directing actors, casting actors, cinematography, grip and electric crew, dolly grip, editing, producing and more. For the business side we include how to find a job in film, how to fund a movie or short film, how to market your films, film festival marketing, how to become a financially successful filmmaker, and more. 
Syndicate Film School Members are widely known as award winning filmmakers and from both current and alumni competing in film festivals across the country. Our teen members are also known for working with Syndicate's Productions' clients like Netflix, Stranger Things, Make-A-Wish, Walmart and more. Our students are accredited from big name brands to help get their career started. We want to give more than just the typical college or film course, we give them them opportunity. Letting them build their dream as career filmmakers. 

The goal for this course is for the students to write, shoot and edit
 reel(s) and short films before the end of their membership. This will help them market themselves as both artists and as businesses. Memberships can last anywhere to 3 months, 6 months, to a full year. For scheduling our hours of operation are between 12pm - 9pm weekdays. Since it's not uncommon for most of our adult students to have a full time college student or job position, our classes are based around a schedule that works best for them. Our students are able to create and customize their course and schedule available times as they please. 

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