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Syndicate Productions is distinguished as one of the most professional film production companies by our clients. Our expertise spans film and video production, with a special emphasis on commercial filmmaking and commercial video production, setting us apart as a leading commercial video production company. Our portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects, from captivating short film production to ambitious independent movie productions, solidifying our reputation as a versatile movie production studio. Recognized as a top film production company, we excel among the best film production companies in the industry. Beyond commercial ventures, we are deeply involved in crafting compelling narratives as an independent film production company and a documentary film production company, offering comprehensive documentary production services. As one of the premier indie film production companies, our team, led by some of the most talented film directors and producers, embodies the spirit of great film producers, with a proven track record of success in both the commercial and artistic realms. At Syndicate Productions, we are committed to excellence, innovation, and the art of storytelling, making us the go-to partner for anyone looking to bring their cinematic vision to life.



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Founded amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic by Jesse Shea and Vinny Arizzo, Syndicate Productions quickly emerged as a creative powerhouse. With Jesse's rich background in filmmaking, television, and radio from Rider University, and experience working alongside Emmy-winning producers, she brought a sharp eye for detail and a wealth of industry knowledge. Vinny, known for his extensive work on Oscar-nominated features and collaborations with major studios like Marvel, Netflix, and Warner Brothers, infused the team with unparalleled technical expertise. Together, they have propelled the company into prestigious projects, including partnerships with Netflix, Walmart, and Make A Wish, and producing vibrant music videos for stars from RuPaul's Drag Race and popular influencers like Sally Slices. More than just a production company, Syndicate Productions is also a nurturing ground for aspiring filmmakers, offering a full-scale film school that cultivates the talents of the next generation of the film industry.

“Make-A-Wish New Jersey has had the pleasure of working with Syndicate Productions on multiple productions. With each project, their team not only consistently demonstrated their understanding of our mission, but their enthusiasm for bringing the story of our mission to life as well. Their team's passion, creativity and attention to detail shine through in every project."

Make A Wish New Jersey

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