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Founded in Monroe Township, New Jersey. Syndicate Productions specializes in the art of filmmaking and photography. Our knowledge of cinematography, equipment, and film theory help us deliver astonishing productions to both our clients and audience. 


Syndicate Productions has a talented team composed of directors, writers, editors, cinematographers and crew to take a single idea from pre production all the way to the big screen. Whether it’s an advertisement for social media or a music video, we will facilitate the creative process to help you achieve your marketing goals.



The Syndicate Productions Team has several skilled photographers who are trained in portrait, real estate, product, and aerial photography. Our photographers specialize in stylized shoots. This is where we work with you to come up with innovative concepts to convey your brand or personal story. This is a completely unique experience where we discuss color, fashion, location, and set design to truly capture your vision. 


These photoshoots deliver breathtaking stills that can elevate your social media platforms, be used for editorial purposes or simply for your own keepsake. Regardless, each individual experience is fun, creative and totally different from the last.



Businesses, both small and large, use Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more, to create and maintain their brands. In order to do so, they must push out content daily. 

Whether that be product photos, cinematic advertisements or sizzles, Syndicate Productions has the resources to bring attention to your business on all social media platforms. 


We work with you to come up with a tailored monthly subscription plan to deliver you content every month. These plans not only cater to your marketing needs but also reward our loyal customers with discounted rates.

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Syndicate Productions is not only a fully functioning production studio but also a film school that teaches young filmmakers and photographers for a reasonable cost. These classes teach the craft of lighting, color, shot composition, film theory, as well as the business of the industry. 


One of the biggest issues we face in our society is the burden of student loans. The average annual tuition for film schools is anywhere between 35k-75k a year. Colleges are a business before anything and unfortunately, most students begin their lives paying off debt to a facility that should be helping them.


So we hope to fix that by providing not just the education but the resources like gear, software, computers, and a space to help kick off their careers.




Living in central Jersey, we realized trying to find a rental house that was both nearby and reasonably priced was nearly impossible so we created one. 


Syndicate Productions wants to help aspiring content creators have access to professional grade gear at an affordable price. From camera to GNE to Drones, we have acquired an array of equipment to help you shoot inspiring film. 


We constantly will be upgrading our gear to keep up with the competitive film and photography industries. Check back every month to see the updated rental list. 

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