About Us

Syndicate Productions is a production company based in Monroe Township NJ. We focus on high quality ads, commercials, music videos, and narratives for our clients and film classes for young filmmakers. Our classes provide resources such as education, gear, software, spaces and even leads to help kick start any filmmakers career for an affordable price. 


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Vinny Arizzo

When madness meets passion. By age 17, Vinny Arizzo won 5 film festivals including a nomination for a presidential award for filmmaking which ultimately was his ticket into the New York Film Academy despite having poor grades in highschool. After completing one year in New York where he became one of the school's top students, he transferred to Los Angeles where he interned at Universal Studios. Eventually he dropped out of school and began working for Warner Brothers the month after. When he returned home to NJ he started working in small roles for independent feature films (Oscar Nominated) which gave him the confidence to start his first company “Arizzo Films,” and pursue working for projects for companies such as Netflix, Marvel and Hopeless Records.


Vinny by mistake found his love for teaching young minds. He went on to achieve his teaching certificate in NYC despite not having a college degree to become a full time film instructor. Unfortunately Covid-19 put a stop to that.


So during the pandemic a good friend of his he had written films with for two years (hint-hint, wink-wink)  eventually put their minds together to start a business while the world was in flames. Taking his experiences in both the film industry and pursuing experience as alternative education, creating a fair yet sustainable system for the growth of filmmaking and film education. A sustainable system that we know as Syndicate Productions.

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity" -Unknown



Jesse Shea

During a time of self exploring and no direction, I met someone that changed my life forever. Ricky. A beautiful soul that inspired every person that crossed his path. At the time that I met him, Ricky owned his own successful media company. I was just taking pictures for fun and had no idea of where my lens could take me, but Ricky did. He hired me immediately and took me under his wing. He constantly reminded me to never give up photography, to not waste my talent. He told me that despite where I end up in life, I should never put down the camera. That stuck with me. Someone with as much talent and passion as Ricky saw those same qualities in me. Unfortunately, I did not have much time working with Ricky before he passed away but his words are with me everyday. His words keep me motivated, keep me pushing boundaries, and reassure me that I am where I’m supposed to be.

Now since graduating from Rider University with a degree in filmmaking, television and radio, I decided to start my own photography business, of course with Ricky in mind. Based in New Jersey, I specialize in headshots, senior portraits, lifestyle, Instagram shoots, and event photography. I combine various lighting techniques and shot design to achieve stunning portraits.


Thank you for listening to my story. Now I want to help you tell yours.