About Jesse Shea

I’ve sat at the computer for hours trying to write an about me that really had an impact but everything I wrote just seemed way too forced and corny. I think because that is what an about me is. An awkward introduction to the photographer. Instead, I decided to tell a story, a story that truly captivates my drive in this industry.

My Story

During a time of self exploring and no direction, I met someone that changed my life forever. Ricky. A beautiful soul that inspired every person that crossed his path. At the time that I met him, Ricky owned his own successful media company. I was just taking pictures for fun and had no idea of where my lens could take me, but Ricky did. He hired me immediately and took me under his wing. He constantly reminded me to never give up photography, to not waste my talent. He told me that despite where I end up in life, I should never put down the camera. That stuck with me. Someone with as much talent and passion as Ricky saw those same qualities in me. Unfortunately, I did not have much time working with Ricky before he passed away but his words are with me everyday. His words keep me motivated, keep me pushing boundaries, and reassure me that I am where I’m supposed to be.

My Work

Now since graduating from Rider University with a degree in filmmaking, television and radio, I decided to start my own photography business, of course with Ricky in mind. Based in New Jersey, I specialize in headshots, senior portraits, lifestyle, Instagram shoots, and event photography. I combine various lighting techniques and shot design to achieve stunning portraits.

Thank you for listening to my story. Now I want to help you tell yours.


About Jesse Shea, the photographer